An affiliation of more than 25 licensed psychologists and professional therapeutic staff with a 17-year track record of providing the best possible psychological services at reasonable prices for the Kansas City metropolitan area— services that include:

  1. Psychological Assessments:

    • Adjunct to medical or psychiatric care
    • Court-ordered forensic evaluations
    • Disability determinations
    • Fitness for duty
    • Learning disorders
  2. Individual Counseling
  3. Marital Counseling and Marriage Revitalization
  4. Child/Adolescent/Family Counseling
  5. Motivational Coaching for Success
  6. Group Therapy
  7. Supplementary Services

All services are tailored to the needs of the individuals and groups that we serve–to include in-home services and telephone sessions as required.

Approved to accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and most private insurance. Non-insurance payments may be made through Pay Pal or other arrangements.